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September, 2011

  1. Class rep & campaign for HE Communications Officer

    September 30, 2011 by lallyd

    I started back at college last week and lessons properly kicked off on Tuesday, and it turns out my college timetable means I only have to go in one day a week!
    Whilst this seemed great at first, I’ve quickly come to the realisation that I’m going to have a lot of free time, even with the time spent doing assignments from home.
    Obviously my first thought was to get a job. However it seems those aren’t that easy to come by, not that I’ve been trying very hard either.
    So instead of investing time in the pursuit of a part time-low pay job, I’ve decided to get more involved at the college.
    The hope is that being more involved will give me a better chance of getting onto the PGCE after graduation, as well as looking good to prospective employers.
    This week I nominated myself as class rep against 3 others from my class. The votes fell 8 | 5 | 1 | 1 in my favour and the person with 5 votes was chosen to be the deputy rep.
    Whilst a lot of people have put me off being class rep, saying it’s hard work for little return I think I could be good at it, and I’m determined to get behind my class and try and improve our experience of education.
    I also nominated myself yesterday for the position of HE Communications Officer at the student union. This weekend I will be creating my manifesto and posters to display around the college to try and get people to vote for me!
    I really want this job, as it involves communicating with the student body via twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as the student union website and possibly a magazine and radio station.
    I think that I may actually be the only person who’s applied for that particular post, but I still need the votes to get elected and campaign week starts 10th October so I’ll blog again about my manifesto and how campaigning goes.

    It anyone has run a campaign for a position on the student union or has any tips or general advice, please leave a comment!


  2. Comedy debut @ Barcamp MediaCity

    September 18, 2011 by lallyd


    A couple of weekends back, I attended Barcamp Media City, hosted by the BBC at Quay House. It was a brilliant Barcamp, despite a small hiccup with sleeping arrangements. I made lots of connections, got some great ideas for my dissertation and even appeared on an internal flyer promoting the event;

    I'm basically a model now right? #bcmcuk
    Click on it for the full size image.

    The most exciting part of the entire weekend for me (perhaps second to the home made Yorkshire puddings on Sunday actually) was my attempt at a bit of stand up comedy! As part of a “mid-night surprise” the event organisers had booked a young comedian from Blackburn, who I’m not sure if anyone caught the name of?
    However, he arrived late which was not a great start as far as the audience were concerned, and due to the change in sleeping arrangements many people had to leave by the time he arrived. I digress. So he had prepared a bit of material, none of which I thought was very topical but I chuckled a few times, but unfortunately felt disappointed by the over all performance. To be fair, most of the audience were drunk and he did get a few heckles, which went a bit too far and I think that toppled his confidence somewhat.

    After the booked act finished, the “compere” (read: guy with the mic) asked if anyone else wanted to try there hand at a bit of stand up, and Dom (The Hodge) being the guy he is was cajoled into doing a 5 minute routine. By this point, I was on my 3rd bottle of Peroni and was feeling a bit brave, so started writing a bit of material whilst Dom was chatting away.

    When Dom finished, nobody put themselves forward to go next, so I sheepishly put my hand up and on I went. I started with a joke which was a true story about my niece and what happened when my sister took her shopping for Tiger Balm. I told it because it really made me laugh when I heard it, and it was one of those “from the mouths of babes” type stories. To my utter surprise, other people found it funny too. That really spurred me on, so I just started talking about my life, and different observations that I’ve made about my 7 year old niece and the way she interacts with her friends. From there I got talking about my boyfriend and his obsession with his Mac-book Air and that seemed to resonate with the people in the room, about how attached they were to their computers and how hard it was to prize them away from just one more line of code. So I carried on with the geeky stuff, and talked a bit about how the Apple store sucks you in and you end up spending all your money on shiny stuff that you end up having to take to free events, because you’ve spent all your money in the Apple store!

    I finished after what I think was about 5 or 10 minutes of material, but I got lots of laughs and an awesome round of applause at the end. I’ve never felt so high as I did when the adrenaline pulsed through my body after my mini-set.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though anyone recorded, or took pictures of me doing it, so I’m not sure whether I imagined it all in a sleep deprived stupor, but I sincerely hope not! The next day a few people commented on how funny they’d found me, which was really kind of them. So for me, Barcamp Media City was where I made my debut as a model and a comedienne and that’s something I’ll never forget. So thanks for the beers BBC!


  3. Barcamp Media City

    September 14, 2011 by lallyd

    Next weekend (16th & 17th September) I’ll be attending the first Barcamp Media City, being held at the new BBC development at Salford Quays. I’m really excited about the event, and looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces.
    Most of all though, I’m exciting about seeing the building! I’m not into architecture or anything, but by all accounts it’s a very impressive building, so it’ll be fascinating to see it in real life, as well as seeing it come to life with an event as great as a barcamp.
    Having spoken to some of the people involved at another event recently, it sounds as though this barcamp is going to be a little different from the typical technology barcamps, with attendees from all different walks of life and creative backgrounds being encouraged to come along, an invitation was even extended to my Mum!
    As always, I’ll be headed along with Michael, but we’ve cajoled an old college mate of his to come along as well. This friend is soon going to be starting an apprenticeship as a junior developer with a company in Blackburn so we’re encouraging him to get involved with the tech scene in the North West in the hope that he’ll meet some new people who will help shape his future career and even get inspired to learn more than just PHP/HTML as part of his apprenticeship.
    So here’s hoping for a fantastic event to get the ball rolling at Media City!


  4. Level Three BSL

    September 13, 2011 by lallyd

    Unfortunately I found out today that my Level Three BSL course has been cancelled, as there was not enough uptake for places on the course.
    I was really disappointed when I found out, but I think it’s happening for a reason. When I decided to sign up for the course, it was with the knowledge that it would be a difficult year ahead with trying to study for my BSc IT at the same time, so in a way it’s a blessing in disguise as now I don’t have to worry about dedicating lots of time to BSL whilst I’m trying to studying for my degree, and in addition I don’t have to put away another £600 of my loan to pay the fee!
    So, I think it’s just a sign that now is not the right time for me to undertake level three, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still do it in the future, when the time is right.
    Really looking forward to getting back into studying, sounds a bit lame but I’ve really missed having topics to research and understand and learning new things. Enrolment is tomorrow morning, and hopefully I will also get my timetable so I’ll know how much time I have for my other pursuits.


  5. Alex Hulme – There Was A Boy – EP Out September 23rd

    September 3, 2011 by lallyd

    So last night I went to see a local act named Alex Hulme at the Prince Arthur on Lord Street in Fleetwood.

    Support was provided by Steve Aldridge & another great guitarist whose name I didn’t catch, as well as the fabulous Steph Fraser, a talented student of Rossall School.

    The venue was good, the toilets leave a bit to be desired but cheap and decent pints with a good sound system for the band and a friendly atmosphere.

    I was really blown away by Alex, he uses a loop pedal in a similar fashion to Ed Sheeran but produces a very different style of music. He sang a few songs from his new EP There Was A Boy, as well as some of his older stuff including a song called Drifting which was beautiful to listen to, about his grandmother who suffered with dementia before passing away a few years ago.

    As well as his original material, Alex put his own spin on a few covers, with a spine tingling rendition of Smile, and a funked up Bittersweet Symphony.

    Alex has a great vibe and a certain charm about him which builds a great connection with the audience, with them being so pliable half way through the set that he was able to get a little sing along going to a rarely aired original.

    It’s great to see local talent being showcased in Fleetwood, and I hope to see more of both Alex and Steph who played a couple of originals and a cover of Dancing in the Dark.

    There’s plenty more coming up at the Prince Arthur in Fleetwood (locally known as the Bug) over the next few months, hopefully they can live up to the standard that Alex & Steph in particular set last night.