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October 25, 2011 by lallyd

Recently I’ve been thinking about making things to sell online. The thought occurred to me a while ago when my Mum asked me about how much her lavender bags (little heart shaped pockets filled with lavender we grow in our garden) would sell for at a craft fair. I told her that people would probably pay anywhere between 50p and £1.50 for something one off like that, depending on the area and the type of customers you get in. Since having this chat over the summer, I’ve started noticing lots of little things that either her or I make that could be making us money on the world wide web, as opposed to being gifted to relatives who put them in drawers and forget about them!

So, I’ve opened a Folksy shop. It will hopefully be a place where I can sell a few odds and ends that we already have floating around, but also where Mum and I can start selling the things that we’re making more recently. I for one am thoroughly invested in making hama bead things in an array of geeky 8 bit styles, thanks to Catherine at Barcamp Blackpool!


So anyway. I’ve gone with oo-de-lallyd on Folksy as my seller name. hopefully I’ll get some pictures and stuff up there soon and my selling adventure can begin. So far I’ve just made a few fridge magnets and a couple of badges which I’m hoping to upload by the end of the week.

Eventually the plan is to churn out these badges/magnets and maybe expand and make a few bigger pieces, such as coasters/mousemats. If you’d like to see anything specific, just leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can make something up for you. Next, I want to try and make a Princess Peach & a Link! Geeky, I know.


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