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  1. The Stairwell at The Prince Arthur, now on facebook.

    October 6, 2011 by lallyd

    Recently I’ve been observing my Mum and a friend of her’s endeavour to bring live music to Fleetwood. Whilst this is great, and I blogged a few weeks ago about the brilliant talent that is Alex Hulme gracing our small town with his presence, they seriously need to move into the 21st Century.
    To date, they’ve been using traditional media methods, such as having adverts & articles printed in the local papers & putting up posters around town. Whilst this has shown some success with most of the gigs being pretty well attended despite the lack of any web presence I had to step in and get them set up with a facebook account!
    I’ve been spouting the virtues of advertising via facebook and twitter to them for the last few weeks, explaining that it will encourage a broader range of age groups to attend the gigs, not just the over 40s that take the time to read the “events” section in the newspaper.
    I don’t know anyone that reads the Fleetwood Gazette or weekly news around my age group, either a physical copy or online. However I do know what’s going on in Fleetwood that might interest me, because my friends on facebook post about it, or add an event or photo, or whatever!
    So here we are, with our facebook page, which needs much more content in order to drive people to the site, I know, but it’s only 24 hours old, so forgive me! The direct URL (which thanks to facebook, I no longer have to wait for 25 likes to get) is

    and here’s my little widget thing, that facebook generated the code for! It’s all very clever, as I keep trying to tell my Mum.

    So anyway, I’d love it if you could bob along and like the page for me, but even better than that if you could actually turn up to one of the gigs and enjoy some free live music, then like the page on facebook and tell all your friends about it.

    Next step, twitter!